We will love god.

The Bible is our rule of Faith. The Bible is the inspired Word of God and the foundation for instruction in the Christian faith. As a community of Christ followers, we will write, preach, teach and instruct from our only manual, the Bible. 

The cross is the starting point of True Love. We must come face to face with the overwhelming love of God that prompted the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As a community of Christ followers, we will grow closer to God through true confession and acceptance of the gift of grace and mercy that only God gives through Jesus Christ. 

We will pursue Kingdom Living. We are called to be kingdom minded and live the way Christ lived. As a community of Christ followers, we will facilitate an atmosphere of growth, training and accountability, so that we may shine like a city on a hill, as an example of God’s Kingdom message to our neighbors and neighborhoods. 

We will Praise. As a community of Christ followers we will worship our God through song, confession, testimony, life applicable messages, communion, baptism, and any other form that brings praise. We will not be limited or intimidated, but worship openly and fully with a pure heart believing that as we run toward God, He will run toward us.

we will love people.

We will Serve. Just as Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, we will confess our pride and selfish behaviors and seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance as we challenge ourselves to become servants to all in need. 

We will be Intentional. As a community of Christ followers, we will seek every avenue to find and fill the needs of our community and the world. We will feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, and clothe the naked. 

We will be Instruments of Reconciliation. The Bible tells the story of God’s active pursuit to rescue humanity from our journey through brokenness, resulting from our wrongdoings. Through the sacrifice of Jesus, God has made it possible for us all to be reconciled with him. As first hand witnesses to this reconciliation, it is through us that God desires to make right the wrongs of injustice; to bring about peace; to rescue the lost; and offer healing to the hurt and the brokenhearted. 

Core values.

Onelove Church is a community of Jesus Christ followers dedicated to helping people find and live out true love. 

Our vision is simple: Love God. Love People. 

Core Values:

1.We will Love God. (Scroll up to read this value.)

2.We will Love People. (Scroll up to read this value.)


3.We will be Missional. 

As a community of Christ followers we are called to intentionally live out the mission and the message of Jesus in our individual lives, within our core community, to our neighbors, in our neighborhoods and to our enemies. 

4.We will be Simple. 

Jesus came as a simple carpenter trespassing on the letter of the law to reveal what lay under the finish coating, the heart of God. As followers of Jesus we are called to live and express the heart of God with simplicity, without the distraction of traditions, symbolisms, materialism and complexity.